I have to write a paragraph in spanish introducing myself?

I have to write a paragraph in spanish introducing myself? Topic: I have done my homework in spanish
June 20, 2019 / By Martial
Question: okay so i have to write a paragraph in spanish that is at least 5 sentances -intro (name and age) -3 things i like to do -3 things i do not like to do help? maybe can someone type out the paragraph and show me where to enter everything like my name, age, likes, etc...??? um to the first person who answered my question, its something called "checking your work"!! duhh i have a binder full or notes and drafs of the paragraph but i feel i want to check it. just because your lazy doesnt mean the rest of the world is. seriously get a life and stop critiszing people you dont even know! jeez.
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Jeshua Jeshua | 1 day ago
OMG, no wonder we are so behind the rest of the world 1. Actually listen in your spanish class 2. Actually try to learn the language (if you like making 10-20 percent more money in your job later on) 3. Stop being s'damn lazy 4. Do your own damn homework OMG OMG OMG
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i think you need to read the newspapers and watch the news and write your own paragraph, It is not our job here to do your homework for you. And you will be much more satisfied with your grade knowing YOU earned it.

Glanville Glanville
Hola, me llamo YOURNAME. Tengo YOURAGE años. Me gusta mucho andar en bicicleta, escalar montañas y nadar. Me molestan los mosquitos, me asustan las tarántulas y no soporto la musica comercial. Hi, my name is YOURNAME. I'm YOURAGE years old. I like very much to go biking, mountain climbing and swimming. I'm bothered by mosquitos, I'm afraid of tarantulas adn I can't stand mainstream music.
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Doug Doug
Me llamo YOUR NAME. Tengo YOUR AGE años y soy de CITY WHERE YOU ARE FROM. Me gusta hablar con mis amigos, ver peliculas y comer en restaurantes de lujo. (I like to chat with my friends, watching movies and eat in fancy restaurants.) No me gustan los alimentos picantes y no me gusta fracasar en mis estudios. (I don't like spicy foods and I don't like to fail in my studies.) an example for the first two sentences: Me llamo Maria. Tengo 21 (veintiuno) años y soy de New York (or soy Americana)
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Brendon Brendon
to be honest i think you should do this yourself. I'll give you the basics but not the damn paragraph! me llamo ______ tengo ______ años me gusta ________ no me gusta _________ if you are taking spanish you should know what these mean and be able to make a paragraph....have fun.
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Ahab Ahab
Hola! Me llamo (name). Tiene (age) anos. Me gusta ver peliculas, camino el perro, y bailar! No me gusta hacer la tarea, sacar la basura, o lavar los platos. it means "hello! my name is (name) i am (age) years old. I like to watch movies, walk the dog, and dance. I don't like to do homework, take out the garbage, or wash dishes" hope I helped
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Write it and then post a paragraph at a time and ask us what grammatical errors it contains. /p

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