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Extracurricular Activities. No Sports? Topic: Creative writing activities high school
June 19, 2019 / By Sybil
Question: I'm currently a freshman in high school and due to transportation conflicts Im unable to play a sport. Do clubs look just as good as playing a sport on your transcript for college? Next year i plan on joining Med Club (I want to be a pharmacist or psychiatrist) but i don't know what other clubs to join. I was going to do newspaper but it was year round and i really need to do med. science and honors psychology. I'm really confused and i only have a couple of days left to finalize my course selections. My parents and i have talked and they said that i can do 2 clubs next year but no sports :( I plan on joining med club and national honor society as a sophomore. Is that enough or should I do something else/more.
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Reagan Reagan | 6 days ago
I don't think that it should matter, as long as you're signed up for some extracurricular activities. Consider clubs such as chess, math, Diversity, creative writing, science, choir, band, debate, French or art club if they're available. Remember that for a lot clubs you don't have to be good in that particular area, a lot of them are just for fun.
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Reagan Originally Answered: How much do I have to worry about extracurricular activities?
The number of extracurricular activities you have taken is not as important to an Ivy League admissions board as the quality of the activities and how much time and effort you put into one or two of those activities. If you have a portfolio of the articles you wrote for your school newspaper and an essay about what you have learned from your journalistic experience (as well as from the community service club, even though you didn't get to serve as much as you wanted), then you will be ahead of those students who thinned themselves out too much by belonging to too many organizations and not really contributing to any in depth.
Reagan Originally Answered: How much do I have to worry about extracurricular activities?
The first poster is definitely right about quality versus quantity. However, EC's are sooo important at Ivies, so I would try to add something to your schedule. I have 2 friends who were denied admission to the Ivy League university that I am attending right now. One had higher SAT's and a higher class rank than me. The other was salutatorian, but had to EC's.

Merle Merle
Like all the prof said, it's good to participate in school activities, but believe me, I know because i graduated may 2007. The main thing on your transcrip that open universities class in your GPA. so if i was you, i would join the national honors so ciety, (which will give you scholarship when transfering, and universities expect honors students to participate, ask your professor to nominate you, second find out if your school has a medical and business academy, my school did. since you don't have transportation, those programs are perfect . college give them high regard and they have meetings every month. so you can actually focus on getting those grades up.
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Lesleigh Lesleigh
You dont have to do sports to get into a great school. My dads boss's daughter (Maggie) got into harvard with out playing any sports. She didnt do sports because she has absoutly no coordination. I personally am only a cheerleader and do clubs. You can go really far with clubs. Maggie was on student council i know for sure..that looks great on your app. Take hard classes, great test scores, and try to get leader ship positions in your clubs...you will be set..sports arnt everything..they look good but you can live without them
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Lesleigh Originally Answered: Will I not get into a good college without many extracurricular activities?
Depends on your definition of a good school, If you mean Harvard then you better join more clubs and become class president while maintaining a 4.0. But if you are going on the state level then these go straight from grades,, test, and the time you apply. If its a private small university the cost of attendance at these schools normally lowers the number of people that apply so anyone that does and has decent grades usally gets in. The only time extracurriculars and sports come into play is when they are passing out scholarships. Private doesn't really focus on grades unless the demand for the school is very high.

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