Help me write my Maid of Honor Speech for my Moms wedding?

Help me write my Maid of Honor Speech for my Moms wedding? Topic: How to write a maid of honour speech
June 16, 2019 / By Fester
Question: I am having a hard time writing a speech for my Mom's wedding. I am her maid of honor and her only daugther. She's getting married in July. I'm not good at writing speeches. And everything I think of makes me think of my Dad and my mom. I need something to say about her and her new soon to be husband. My Dad died when I was younger so it's not like my mom and him got divorced. He was the love of her life but now she has a new life. Larry (her fiance) is great and now she's marrying her best friend. He's 41 and this is his 1st wedding (& last). Please help me! I don't know what to say in my speech. I want it to be short!
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Damian Damian | 9 days ago
You can discuss that. Talk about how sad she was after your dad died. What did you notice about her? Did she used to sing in the kitchen? Did she love to dance but hadn't danced in years? Talk about the qualities you missed. Talk about how you knew it was love. Why? What did your mom do to show you how happy she was? Talk about how happy you are that someone will be there to take care of her for the rest of her life. Talk about her smile, how he treats her, things they do together. Don't think of it as writing a speech but think of it as talking to a friend.
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Damian Originally Answered: How do you write a brilliant maid of honor speech?
talk about how happy you are to have her for a sister, and how happy you are that she has found someone she loves. you could talk about things you both did as kids, how she encouraged you to learn how to skate, or ride your bike. how she offered to go beat up the boy who broke your heart in grade school. how she used to let you win at pillow fights but always took the last popsicle. just little anecdotes about her and you, what she taught you, what you love about her and how you hope when you get married you'll look as beautiful as she does today! then you close with something like 'to my sister, lissie and my new brother brian. may you always be happy.' good luck sweetie, you will do just fine!
Damian Originally Answered: How do you write a brilliant maid of honor speech?
Since you're so close to the bride, do you have any fun stories you could incorporate into the toast? When you were both little, did you ever talk about getting married, and what kind of a person she thought she'd marry? Or what expectations you had with marriage? An eight year old's concept of marriage can be pretty hilarious. When my cousin got married, her younger sister was the maid of honor and in her speech, she told a cute story about when her sister first met her husband-to-be -- he may not have swept her off her feet on the first meeting, but he still managed to win her heart in the end. It was a simple, personal story that evoked laughter and spoke to both the bride and groom, as told from a perspective of a loving sister. It didn't need to be formal or elegant -- from such a close family member, you knew it could only come from the heart. You have the benefit of knowing the bride your whole life; something heartfelt and funny would make a lovely speech that the guests will enjoy and your sister will remember and cherish forever.

Averel Averel
You sound like you are doing a great job now. I would say what you just said. How many people get lucky enough to marry there best friend. You can thank them both for being freat parents and you could not of asked for a better step das then Gary. You can talk about the first time you met him or something funny about it. You could say how the roles reversed and your mom was going out for dates to get a laugh. Speak from the heart and you cant go wrong. Talk about how it's a privledge to have Gary in your mom's life! I think you will be great!
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Virgie Virgie
Always start in your speech with some memories you spent with ur mom. Then you can continue going on with talking how perfect is the husband he chosen, also you can talk how cute they look together and what a beautiful life they are going to have. At end you can finish by thanking your mom for being such a good mom. Also you can have a look at some techniques I found on this site: http://www.bridesmaidspeechesblog.com/
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Virgie Originally Answered: Who gives the speech, Matron of Honor, Maid of Honor or both?
technically NEITHER only the best man technically there i only one maid OR matron of honour your best bet is to ask the bride what she wants..... it's only about 50% of weddings that have the MoH offer a speech. i'd say only 5% have both and main and matron so it's up to the bride & groom.

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