Any suggestions for a book to help explain a new baby to my toddler?

Any suggestions for a book to help explain a new baby to my toddler? Topic: The sisters 8 book 2
June 20, 2019 / By Niel
Question: I'm really big on reading and reading to my son.He understands very well through books,pictures and so on.I'm 8 weeks pregnant and I was hoping to find or get suggestions on a book that we could read to him periodically until the baby comes. SERIOUS ANSWERS ONLY PLEASE!!!
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Best Answers: Any suggestions for a book to help explain a new baby to my toddler?

Kole Kole | 6 days ago
I read a couple of books to my daughter. I kept her in the loop with my doctor's appts, she would go with me and hear the baby's heartbeat. She is now 3 1/2 and my newborn is 8 weeks old. I explained to her about mommy's belly growing and a baby inside. These were her two favorite: I'm a Big Sister Berenstain Bears' New Baby I would change the character's names to my daughter's and the names we had chosen. The Berenstain Bears' have several different books on different things in our everyday life that we may one day go through ....Love it. Good Luck and Congratulations!
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Imlah Imlah
Just go have a look and see what you can find in your local book store. There are some great books out there. I'd also suggest a book that shows the development of the baby in the womb, say like at 3 months its the size of your hand etc. My daughter loved looking at the illustrations and finding out how big her sister was even though she couldnt actually see her, just the bump. It really helped her understand and follow the growth of her sister.
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Euseby Euseby
My daughter loved a book called "My New Baby" illustrated by Annie Kubler and published by Child's Play. It's a board book with no words, but really rich illustrations of how family life might be after the baby arrives. My daughter liked to look at the pictures and ask questions, "read" it to me, or to have us together make up a story to go along with the pictures. There are tons of others, but this was our favorite hands-down.
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Cordell Cordell
Its great to hear that you like to read especially to your son if you are 8 week pregnant its also great to read to that one i think that it really doesnt matter what you read as long as it doesnt have any violence and negativity you are good.. we dont want the baby to come out angry and upset. I really like the books from Golden Years you know the ones with the gold down the side of the book u can get them at walmart or anywhere...
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Art Art
There are all kinds of books out there for children on this subject. Just go to the local book store and ask for help in finding one. They may have to order them for you.
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