Girls help me look better?

Girls help me look better? Topic: How girls do homework online
June 21, 2019 / By Nimrod
Question: Hey, I'm 15, male and I am really shy and self conscious about myself!!!! I really want advice in how to be more confident and how to look better, should I cut my hair? If I should then what do you suggest?? If you could rate me from 1-10 too? Here's the link: http://m.flickr.com/#/photos/[email protected]/ Thanks in advance and please don't be too critical but constructive criticism Is fine :D thanks!!!!!
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Korbin Korbin | 10 days ago
For one, you're CUTEasHELL. Love the hair. Don't cut it. :3 For two, don't let anyone know you're self concious. Girls LOVE confident guys. Wonder why douchebags get girls? THEY'RE CONFIDENT. It'll work for anyone. Be a little cocky. Focus on your best traits, and boost up your ego. Don't let anyone know when they knock it down. If you believe you're sexy as hell, you're gonna be. Just don't try to be someone you're not. In the end, it's all about your happiness as a person. You won't be happy if you're not real with yourself. Oh, and as for the rate? Well like I said, cute as hell. 10/10 :) If your question specifically meant what you can do LITERALLY to look better: 1. Always smell orgasmic (Axe products, Adidas spray products, etc) 2. Shower everyday. No excuses. 3. Always have clean ears. Guys are stupid and usually forget, but like... just do it. Same with brush your teeth, etc. 4. Keep up with the latest style that suits you. If you don't know what you look best in, go to your local mall and ask the employees of popular stores. If you can't afford it, order cheap name brand stuff online. If all else fails, DRESS LIKE BIEBER. Bitches love Bieber. 5. As listed above, be confident. 6. Play hard to get and mysterious. Don't be right obvious when you like someone. Act like you can have ANYONE in the world. Girls hate desperate guys. 7. Don't whine about stuff. Ever. That's for girls. 8. Work out on your spare time. Even if it's just holding an ab flex for 10 minutes a day as you do homework, etc. It pays off. 9. SWAG . Wear a sexy watch, or wear a manly ring or diamond earrings or something (I know it sounds gay, but Bieber does it, and like I said, works for him). 10. Style your hair, but don't let it appear or be known you took forever on it. Check out popular styles online or whatever, or youtube tutorials. Girls love guys with nice hair. Most importantly, don't be shy. There's no easy way.. you just CAN NOT LET YOURSELF BE SHY. Practice your communication skills on webcam with people or in a mirror, but don't let yourself be shy. You only live once. You're awesome. Let people see it. I used to be sooo shy too. Get out of that faze! Practice!It won't go away if you don't work at it. You decide your own worth. Hope I helped. If anyone else needs advice, feel free to inbox. :)
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Korbin Originally Answered: Why is it that girls don't like me at all? (I need a girls help since guys have no good advice most of time)?
First of all I'm the same way. Second of all even though I'm a guy my adivce isn't useless. Most guys are retards who never mature past middle shcool. Have you ever heard the term "nice guys finish last"? I'm sure you can tell what it means and this seems to be the case for you. You need self confidence. You need to be funny and make a girl laugh, but at the same time not look like an immature jackass. If this is not you, your going to have one hell of a time around chicks. But when it comes down to it just be yourself. The right person will come. Some chick will see you for who you really are, and she will love you for it. This will be far better then any relationship with some random chick who will use you because you are so nice.

Indigo Indigo
As a girl, I can tell you you are alrightt(: And well, if you want me to rate you... Id give you a... 7! All your concerns are inside you. I mean.. just look at your question.. "Help me look better, should I cut my hair... I really want advice on how to be more confident" Stop being like that! You are fine! I used to be like that too, but I mean.. who cares about looks? In the end, we are all going to die and look like an skeleton. :D haha Just wanna cheer you up! You are probably really concerned about your looks because of what others think, but in order to gain others respect, you gotta love yourself and be confident! Instead of looking at your flaws, look at the good points you have! I hope I helped you! (:
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Everett Everett
i've got observed this too. greater than a number of adult men will say "yet adult men are greater seen than women people, so seems count greater to them." Its generally purely the adult men who overly fussy a pair of lady's seems who say this. from time to time, the comparable as for women people who brush aside adult men for unreasonable motives, its that they do no longer rather want a courting. they have some style of outrage of committment, inner desire to be single, uncertainty in the event that they comprehend what to do in a courting or will like one. they may additionally seem to discover a desirable significant other by using fact they sense insecure approximately their own seems or different features and think of a "warm woman" will carry them value. a secure guy is greater possibly to seek for a courting that makes him happy and fulfilled. definite, adult men are somewhat greater seen, yet while all of us is pushing aside ability significant other after significant other who're good yet no longer suited looking, its no longer fairly much the seems or touching directly to the girls that are presented to them.
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Cornelius Cornelius
Hey, I'm a 16 year old girl and I think you look pretty cute, Don't change anything :) 8/10
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Arvin Arvin
I think you're adorable! :) Tbh I LOVE it when guys have hair like you do! please don't cut it! stay how you are! there's nothing wrong with you! I give you a 9 :)
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Arvin Originally Answered: Girls plz help me! 13-17 if possible?
wow. it sounds like you really like her. if she has your number and you have hers, call her about a homework assignment as an excuse and then ask her what she's up to. keep the conversation going from there. you need to be the one to take the first step on phonecalls. girls like it when you take initiative. flirt means she's looking for someone, so take the chance. head on the shoulder- great sign! give her lots of hugs and talk to her a lot. make her feel like all of your attention is on her when you are with her, but not too much. ya know what i mean? she's probably debating between multiple guys, so show her you're the right one. good luck

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